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survey process for online & telephone surveys

the following process description is a guide that generally applies to online surveys and telephone surveys. for process information applicable to focus groups or mystery shopping, please click the appropriate link.

1. project definition

defining your research project is the first step to success. clear objectives allow us to recommend the appropriate methodology, sample selection, and questionnaire strategy. should you require assistance, we can help you focus your project to develop and meet objectives that are attainable.

2. methodology selection

the most appropriate methodology is one that meets your objectives. online surveys? telephone surveys? focus groups? using our experience from a long list of projects, we can propose a methodology (or combination of methodologies) that will accomplish your goals by providing superior information for intelligent business decisions.

3. sample selection

do you need to survey a sample of the entire population? do you need to survey a segment of your customers? do you need to survey a segment of your competitor's customers? should you use a panel? should you use your own customer data? together, we'll select the ideal sample of respondents to provide the highest confidence levels to answer your business questions.

4. questionnaire design

your questionnaire will determine the kinds of responses you receive. that sounds obvious. however, it must be mentioned that some of the most misguided research can be blamed on faulty question development. your questionnaire must be completely aligned with your objectives, it must communicate to respondents as well as solicit meaningful information. we'll help you fine tune your questionnaire to meet your objectives, or we can work together and create a questionnaire from scratch.

5. questionnaire testing

we test your questionnaire with a small number of respondents, before full scale deployment, to ensure that we are acquiring the types of responses that are aligned with your project objectives. we follow a point by point process to verify the validity of results provided by the questionnaire.

6. survey deployment

we send out email invitations to respondents for online surveys with communication that will maximize participation in your survey. for telephone surveys, we conduct project specific training with our college degreed professional interviewers. our training includes an overview of your data collection objectives and a determination of interviewing techniques that will ensure the success of your project.

7. data collection

while online respondents are filling out online questionnaires or our interviewers are completing telephone interviews, we'll provide you with progress updates customized to your needs.

8. data preparation

once all data has been collected, we arrange it into formats that will facilitate coding, charting, graphing, analysis, reporting, and presentation.

9. results analysis

the analysis we conduct varies on the objectives set forth at the beginning of your project. we employ a wide variety of analysis techniques that are relevant to providing answers to your specific business questions.

10. results reporting

we can provide reporting that fits your needs. just let us know who needs what information (top-line results or detailed analysis of results) and how (presentation, executive summary, charts, graphs, database, email, online, word, pdf, or other).

11. presentation of findings

successful in-person presentations can accomplish confidence and buy-in to help move your project along to the implementation phase. we have experience delivering presentations in boardrooms to senior executives, in training rooms to front line employees, and everyone in-between. or, if you'd like to present the results, we can create the powerpoint presentation for you.

12. implementation of findings

we'll assist you with planning, training, and implementation of change based on the results of your research study. ongoing research should be considered to help you stay in touch with change as it occurs and evaluate the need for reacting to that change.

please note that most of the steps above are also services that we can offer on an individual basis. we will work with you to create a solution that best fits your needs.

for assistance with your survey project, contact:
rich koster @ 678.234.1758

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