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mystery shopping

mystery shopping is a very effective means of learning the service and selling details that typical shoppers / customers would encounter at a point of sale or retail outlet. mystery shoppers are trained to provide the objective feedback that customers can't provide.

mystery shopping is also known as secret shopping, secret audits, mystery audits, and service audits. a mystery shopping campaign will allow you to audit and discover issues that may be deteriorating your brand, sales, and service offerings.

in general, mystery shopping allows you to leverage the capabilities of thousands of trained shoppers / auditors around the world for the purpose of monitoring your various points of sale.

find out if your service standards are being adhered to by your various franchise stores. find out if channel partners are perfoming by displaying or selling your products per your agreements. find out if your products are being upsold. stay on top of competitor pricing and product pitch at their retail outlets. there are many ways to use the power of mystery shopping to add to the value of your business.

for assistance with your mystery shopping campaign, contact:
rich koster @ 678.234.1758

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