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lost sales surveys - win / loss

a lost sales survey will help you find out why past customers are defecting and why prospective customers are evaluating your products or services but not buying.

lost sales surveys explore the reasons why your current customers are defecting to a competitor and why new prospects (potential customers) are deciding not to conduct business with your company. lost customers can tell you how to adjust your offering to get their business.

we've conducted lost sales surveys for a variety of organizations that have resulted in their regaining significant amounts of lost business. and, lost sales surveys have helped these companies to determine more effective ways to reduce defection and increase adoption of their products and services.

if you are not surveying the customers you've lost, you will continue to lose customers and, most importantly, you will not understand the reasons why.

you can regain control over the customers you've lost. ask them why they defected and what it will take for you to get them back.

are you interested in getting 1%, 2%, 5% or more of your business back?

for assistance with your next lost sales survey, contact:
rich koster @ 678.234.1758

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