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customer satisfaction research

your company's success is determined by what your customers think and feel about your products or services, and ultimately whether they continue to choose to buy from you in the future.

developing repeat business is much less expensive than developing new business. despite acknowledging this, many businesses spend their fortunes looking for new customers to the detriment of cultivating relationships with their current and past customers.

ask your customers how you are doing and if they are likely to continue to do business with you in the future. ask them what you can do to make your mutual relationship more lucrative. if you ask them sincerely, they will tell you how you compare to your competitors and whether or not you are likely to keep or lose them as a customer.

we can help you develop a customer satisfaction program that will develop loylt and reduce customer defections.

customer loyalty research

for assistance with customer satisfaction research, contact:
rich koster @ 678.234.1758

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